My mother died last month. That fact appears to have little bearing on my career in education. Except when it has everything to do with it.  This week I read several posts by a career coach blogger. She appears to be an experienced, astute former college professor whose blog relates the steps to attaining success … Continue reading

Teacher Education for schools as they are OR for schools as they should be? That is the question.

The responsibilities of teacher educators to their students (and society) go far beyond rote preparation for passing a variety of standardized tests. The fact that teaching what we know to be integral to good education practice is called into question and labeled subversive is the acknowledgement that such practice is a necessity. Thanks to Tim … Continue reading

Don’t know if it works but let’s spend billions on it

Don’t know if it works but let’s spend billions on it Turns out my reblog of Diane Ravitch’s NPR interview was more timely than I thought. Billions of dollars have been spent in California and only one week of teaching/learning has resulted. All due to the corporate mentality administrators and CEOs apply regarding who should … Continue reading