Solite Excavation, Day 6

The best kind of education! Learning environments that incorporate opportunities for real world investigation are the best of all worlds. Playing in sand boxes outside my own always proves to be inspiring. We need to remember that phenomenon when we are teaching. Leave room for connecting the dots, for creation of the hybrid thought. We all grow from considering the perspectives of others; this is true for academic disciplines as well as people. Stop artificially categorizing knowledge as if it is owned by only one group. We’ll all grow from the collaborative effort.

Updates from the Paleontology Lab

Group pic 9-13-14

Despite the constant threat of rain, we were able to get into the pit and make some progress along the exposure. Our crew included Ray, Jim, and me, as well as two VT grad students, two professors from Roanoke College (RC) and several of their students. With so many people, we were able to spread out along the outcrop and focus on removing overburden and connecting our previous pits.  

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