Saving Education

The only movement that will drastically improve education is one led by teachers. As if they don’t have enough to do already! (For an eloquently stated teacher viewpoint, see above link.)

Teachers must take charge of the educational process. They must take back control of their classrooms. They must make curricular decisions. They must rigorously evaluate themselves and their colleagues. They must be an integral part of the employment process for all those connected to their schools.

Sounds like an administrator’s job? There lies the existing problem.

Teachers have been set aside from the REAL work of educating and been assigned the clerical work that has little, if anything, to do with learning. This demotion of teachers has allowed the administrative rank in education to swell to ungainly proportions. All those chiefs must have work to do, so, voluminous data charts are developed and new evaluatory practices are implemented.

I am not putting all educational administrators into this negative category as some treat teachers as the equal work partners they are. However, those who ascribe to top-down power structures that view teachers as lesser intellectuals than principals, central administrators or politicians, are the problem in education, not the answer.

Parents: demand the best education for your children and allow teachers to use their expertise to facilitate it.

Students: value good teaching by maximizing your learning efforts.

Administrators: support teachers by providing and managing the infrastructure that facilitates student success.

Politicians: work toward solutions to societal challenges, allowing teachers and administrators to focus on their jobs and not yours.

Teachers: take back your power in the classroom and use it to inspire, educate and motivate.


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