The Teat: Is Leadership for Educational Equity getting TFA’s dirty work done?

The picture becomes clearer.

Cloaking Inequity

In our last segment of the The Teat, we discussed how education reformers have exploded 501(c)3 organizations to push corporate education reform.  Now we’ll focus on its big bad cousin: 501(c)4 organizations.

But first, as is tradition, our cow haiku:

Two cows in pasture

A steak and a glass of milk

Dinner is served now

501(c)4 organizations have recently been discussed in the mainstream media, but what are they and how are they different from 501(c)3 organizations?

According to an IRS publication:

501(c)(4) provides for exemption from federal income tax of civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.”

One major distinction between each is that:

501(c)(4) may engage in political campaign activities if those activities are not the organization’s primary activity. In contrast, organizations exempt under 501(c)(3) are absolutely prohibited from engaging in political activities. 

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