Tennessee Charters: The Truth Comes Out, with Excuses

And more on how charter schools will save our education system.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Policymakers and the media in Tennessee thought that charters would outperform public schools. They would “save minority kids from failing public schools.” Unfortunately, the charter schools are manufacturing “success” by pushing out low-performing children right before testing time.

True believers refuse to accept the plain facts but it is hard to hide the disappearing students.

But the media is catching on.

A reader helpfully forwarded the transcript:


Leaders with Metro Nashville Public Schools have serious concerns about what is happening at some of the city’s most popular charter schools.

Students are leaving in large numbers at a particularly important time of the school year, and the consequences may have an impact on test scores.

Charter schools are literally built on the idea that they will outperform public, zoned schools. They are popular because they promise and deliver results, but some new numbers are raising big…

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