Give Me Patience

What is it about people that makes them create fiefdoms? What is lacking, personally, that drives one to seek dominion over others or to self-aggrandize? I have worked in a number of environments over these last four decades and have come to highly value a few kinds of people: those who support others out of … Continue reading

The Courage to Listen

As celebratory times come upon us, the bitter-sweetness of missing beloveds is most acute. I sat recently in the audience of a speech delivered by my oldest child. As she began, my anxiety was high. It was as if she stood on the verge of a busy road and I was too far away to judge the traffic flow or put my arm out to block her from stepping into its path. Continue reading

My Flexible Classroom Journey

Originally posted on #Innovate4Littles:
About 2 years ago I moved from a traditional classroom set up to a flexible classroom. I’ve learned some things along the way and made some adjustments. I noticed that different groups access flexibility differently. I’m going to share with you my growth process for flexible seating. For reference, Year…